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Spiritual Coaching

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While psychology and spiritual growth books are great for introducing new information and ideas, reading is ultimately an intellectual exercise meant for a general audience. Individualized help in unraveling egoic patterns is often needed. Deep and lasting change requires addressing not only the mind but the body and spirit as well. For example, releasing painful emotions residing in the body typically requires a somatic experiential approach, usually with caring support from others.  We are often blind to our most contracted egoic complexes that are holding us back, and an outside perspective is often very helpful in seeing the truth about ourselves. 

Coaching is helpful in learning to trust in and live from our spiritual essence rather than ego, and in moving beyond ego to a state of pure presence. Lasting peace and contentment requires transcending dependency on our own ego and ego-based relationships to achieve a state of lasting peace, trust, and loving connection with the world.

Kelly Beninga, MA, CHT is available for online Zoom or in-person coaching based on the concepts in The Enlightened Ego to assist you on your path of personal and spiritual growth. Coaching sessions are priced at $120 per hour. Please click the button below for contact information and to schedule an appointment. 

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