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Negativity Bias Meditation

Negativity Bias MeditationKelly Beninga
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Take a seat in a quiet place where you feel particularly safe. Sit tall with your spine long, your shoulders relaxed, and your belly soft. Close your eyes or gaze low at the floor. Maintain a level chin for a neutral spine.


Breathe gently in an out through your nose. Release thoughts of the past or future, and turn your awareness toward the present moment. Notice the movement of breath through your body to help get grounded and settle further into your seat.

Pay attention to the experience in your mind.
Notice any thoughts as they arise, and try to identify any emotions that go with them.

Pay special attention to negative thoughts, and note what you feel after the negative thoughts. 

Continue this practice for five minutes.

Now add the additional practice of challenging the reality of negative thoughts. Is the thought true? How do you know it is true? If the thought is of the future, what would be the best possible outcome? What is the most realistic outcome?

Continue this practice for five minutes.

Notice how your mind gravitates to the worst possible outcome as an ego survival mechanism. Thank your ego for trying to protect you. Focus your thoughts on the most realistic scenario. 


Now release all thoughts and come into awareness of your body.

Remember that you are pure awareness.

Infinite, spacious, and free.

Identify with that limitless awareness as you slowly open your eyes.

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