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Releasing Mental Addictions Meditation

Releasing Mental AddictionsKelly Beninga
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The object of focus for this meditation is impulses. Particularly impulses to escape residing in the present moment. These impulses will point to your typical mental addictions. For example, impulses to do something work related will point to a propensity toward workaholism. 

Take a seat in a quiet place where you feel particularly safe. Sit tall with your spine long, your shoulders relaxed, and your belly soft. Close your eyes or gaze low at the floor. Maintain a level chin for a neutral spine.

Breathe gently in an out through your nose. Release thoughts of the past or future, and turn your awareness toward the present moment. Notice the movement of breath through your body to help get grounded and settle further into your seat.

Become the watcher of impulses within your mind and body. The impulse starts with an uncomfortable feeling, such as anxiety. The impulse is the desire to escape the uncomfortable feeling. 

Note what each impulse points to as the desired method to escape the uncomfortableness of the present moment. 

Pause the meditation for 5 minutes to continue focussing on impulses. 

Notice any patterns in your impulses. Is there a repeating thought/impulse to try to escape uncomfortableness in the present moment? What activity does the impulse point to? 

Practice releasing the impulse and returning to the present moment. Release thoughts of escaping and stay present with the uncomfortableness, allowing it to move though you and dissipate.  

Pause the meditation for 5 minutes to continue focussing on releasing the impulses and experiencing the transitory  uncomfortableness.

Remember that you are awareness of impulses. You are not the impulses. 

You are Infinite, spacious, and free.

Identify with that limitless awareness as you slowly open your eyes.

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