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Dealing with Negative Thoughts Meditation

Dealing with Negative Thoughts MeditationKelly Beninga
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No matter how much you try to think positive thoughts and be optimistic about the future, unpleasant thoughts will still arise.

You cannot avoid them, and there is no use in pretending they aren’t present.
Your mindfulness practice can help you approach these thoughts with curiosity.

As you build an understanding of your unpleasant thinking patterns, they will no longer hook you in so strongly.

You can learn to allow them to be present without letting them consume you.
This exercise is a practice in letting thoughts go so that you are better able to do it when negative thoughts arise.

Close the eyes and tune in to the points of contact in the body.
Feel yourself grounded and stable as you sit.
Breathe deeply, feeling the body supported by the chair or cushion.

Breathe gently in an out through your nose. Release thoughts of the past or future, and turn your awareness toward the present moment. Notice the movement of breath through your body to help get grounded and settle further into your seat.

Pay attention to the experience in your mind.
Notice any thoughts as they arise, and try to identify any emotions that go with them.

Pay special attention to negative thoughts, and note what you’re feeling or thinking.
Try to avoid the word negative, and instead identify each thought as sad, unpleasant, irritating, painful, or otherwise.

Continue for five minutes, noting any thoughts and their accompanying feelings.
Make impermanence the focus of this practice.


See each thought and acknowledge it as it passes.
Continue to note what you’re thinking about and how it feels, using noting phrases like “Coming, going” or “Arising, passing,”.


Pause the meditation for five minutes.

After five minutes, return to the body for a few deep breaths.
Remind yourself that thoughts come and go, and you have a choice in whether or not you
believe each one.

Remember that you are awareness of your thoughts. You are not your thoughts.

Infinite, spacious, and free.

Identify with that limitless awareness as you slowly open your eyes.

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