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Releasing Fear Meditation

Releasing Fear MeditationKelly Beninga
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Take a seat in a quiet place where you feel particularly safe. Sit tall with your spine long, your shoulders relaxed, and your belly soft. Close your eyes or gaze low at the floor. Maintain a level chin for a neutral spine.

Breathe gently in an out through your nose. Release thoughts of the past or future, and turn your awareness toward the present moment. Notice the movement of breath through your body to help get grounded and settle further into your seat.

Take a few deep breaths, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly.

Turn your attention toward any fear in your life. Notice where it resides in your body. Do you feel any tightness or clenching? What color and shape does your fear take?

Stay present with the fear and imagine breathing into the fear. Allow the energy of fear to move through you. 

Pause the meditation for 5 minutes to continue focusing on fear. 

As you continue to stay present with the fear, notice any thoughts that accompany the fear. What thoughts proceed the emotion of fear? What occurance in the future do you have an aversion to? 

What do think will happen to you if the occurrence takes place? What negative impact do you imagine?

Pause the meditation to contemplate this if you like.

Trace you fear back to your ego's attempt to keep you safe. What is your ego trying to protect you from?

Your ego imagines the worst possible outcome. Now imagine the best possible outcome and then the most realistic outcome. 

Thank your ego for keeping you safe by preparing for the worst possible outcome, and then focus on the most realistic outcome. Imagine the realistic scenario happening in your life.  

If fear is still present, use the energy of fear to develop a plan of action. What is within your control and what is out of your control? What steps can you take to avoid the realistic negative occurrence? How can you learn to accept the things out of your control? 

Now remember that you are the awareness of fear, you are not fear.

You are infinite, spacious, and free.

Identify with that limitless awareness as you slowly open your eyes.

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