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Ego Gratitude Meditation

Ego Gratitude MeditationKelly Beninga
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For this meditation, please turn to Table 1 - "Ego Attributes and their Evolutionary Purpose" on page 27 of The Enlightened Ego and have it available.


Take a seat in a quiet place where you feel particularly safe. Sit tall with your spine long, your shoulders relaxed, and your belly soft. Close your eyes or gaze low at the floor. Maintain a level chin for a neutral spine.

Breathe gently in an out through your nose. Release thoughts of the past or future, and turn your awareness toward the present moment. Notice the movement of breath through your body to help get grounded and settle further into your seat.

As the mind gets quieter, notice if there are any emotions present. See if you can locate it within your body.


It could be anger, sadness, frustration, resentment, or disappointment. Or something positive, such as love, kindness, gratitude, or joy. Sometimes emotions are quite subtle and only a quiet mind notices them. 

If there is a thought tied to the emotion, be aware of it as well.

When you notice an emotion, briefly look at Table 1 and identify the evolutionary purpose of the emotion. Notice the purpose of the emotion in your own life.

How is the emotion- thought meant to keep you safe? Or possibly helping you obtain material possessions? 

Pause the meditation for 5 minutes to continue focusing on emotion-thoughts.

Recall that our fragile human bodies need food, clothing, shelter, protection, and human connection. 

Your ego is your constant companion, helping you to obtain these things. Your ego keeps you alive and functioning on your human journey. 

Thank your ego for the emotion and for how it serves you. Then release the emotion and allow it to pass through you. 


If you notice other emotions, repeat the above process as often as you wish. 

Remember that you are the awareness of your ego.

Infinite, spacious, and free.

Identify with that limitless awareness as you slowly open your eyes.


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